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ac repair westervilleIs your car’s air conditioner broken or not working as well as it used to? If so, come see our technicians! We will inspect your system, top off your refrigerant, and make sure it doesn’t need any other repairs. You may be leaking freon.  During the hot summer months, you rely on your vehicle’s air conditioner to keep you cool and comfortable when you are behind the wheel. We offer the best AC repair in Westerville, OH!

Cooling System Service and Repair Westerville OH

The purpose of a cooling system is to stop your car from overheating by circulating coolant and water through the engine. However, similar to how oil and transmission fluid break down over time, so does coolant–making it necessary to replace it every 30,000 miles, according to Buckeye’s Complete Auto Care. If it has been longer than that since your last replacement, we advise you get a coolant exchange done as soon as possible.

Putting off an engine repair can lead to more significant and expensive problems down the road. Our team of certified experts is available to help you get your vehicle back in working order.

Automotive Heater Repair Westerville OH

In the winter, it’s important to have a heating system that works well in your car. You might not know this, but part of having a good heating system is making sure your cooling system is taken care of too. That’s why regular coolant flushes are essential—they help keep both you and your engine warm.

If you’re seeking to have your heater repaired, Buckeye Complete Auto Care would be happy to help. We’ll book an appointment for you and analyze your heating system’s issues in depth, whether it needs a coolant refill or if something more complex is at play, like a damaged heating core that will require repair or replacement.

Auto AC Repair Near Me

At Buckeye Complete Auto Care, our experienced technicians are available for whatever you need—from a regular coolant service to a full exchange. We’re family-owned and operated, so honesty and reliability are always our top priorities. Plus, we offer an unbeatable quality of service. Give us a call today for the best AC repair in Westerville, OH!

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